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Get to know two new producers.

September 30, 2015

Trace is thrilled to have added two incredibly talented, experienced producers to our NY and LA offices: Andra Bard and Rimma Dreyband.

Jon Mason, Trace’s Managing Director, summed up Andra and Rimma’s immediate impact. “Rimma and Andra bring so much to the table being on the ground in New York and LA, servicing clients locally and adding a personal touch to everything we do. They have unique backgrounds and skill-sets, which have been an incredible addition to the company. We’re so happy to have them as part of the family!”

We caught up with Andra and Rimma to discuss their background, impressions of Trace and thoughts on the future.

Thanks for sitting down with us! For starters, where have you worked previously?

Andra: I’ve worked at Digital Domain in many different roles and projects over the years. I also worked at Sony Pictures Imageworks and Weta Digital, among others.

Rimma: Before joining Trace, I was producing VFX, post and motion graphics freelance. I worked for companies including Ghost Robot, Northern Lights and Bigstar on some pretty high-profile commercial and broadcast projects, including the launch campaign for the first two seasons of Game of Thrones.

What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

Andra: I’m based in LA and help manage all the West Coast based projects from to start to finish.

Rimma: I oversee the projects for most of Trace’s East Coast clients. I also supervise the production team on the ground in Mumbai and help train them in best practices.

How do you like working at Trace so far?

Andra: Love it! A really great, well-rounded team has been assembled with everyone working toward a common goal of top-notch work and thorough communication.

Rimma: I really love it. Trace has grown quite a bit since I’ve started and I’m so happy to grow along with the company.

How is working at Trace different than some of your previous jobs?

Andra: I come from a features background, so the high volume of the commercial world was a new challenge – and I love it!

Rimma: It’s quite interesting being in a different part of the process. Essentially, the clients I help out are in the position I used to have. That helps me predict client needs and understand how to get ahead of any potential issues.

How do you see Trace growing and developing over the next few years?

Andra: I look forward to broadening our pipeline to include more episodic and features work.

Rimma: As we grow, we are able to tackle much more challenging jobs, and that bar will only continue to rise.

Is there a fun fact or interesting story you’d like to share?

Andra: You can see me running from a giant tidal wave in the director’s cut of The Abyss.

Rimma: I am a part-time stand-up comedian and full-time rabid hockey fanatic.