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Introducing TaskBox.

May 16, 2014

At Trace, we pride ourselves on exceeding expectations with each and every project. An essential part of this process is building strong client relationships.

To further strengthen these bonds, we’ve created TaskBox, Trace’s very own shot management software. TaskBox is an open invitation to clients, encouraging them to become more involved with projects in progress.

This TaskBox demo shows exactly how it works.

As you see, once clients log into our web interface, they can leverage a range of proprietary tools. This includes tracking the progress of shots, glancing at thumbnails, and even downloading completed shots. To keep track of larger projects, TaskBox is built with powerful filtering tools that allow clients to sort by task type, shot, and priority.

Trace’s Chief Technology Officer, Matt Herman, had the following to say about TaskBox. “TaskBox really sets Trace apart from its competition. Never before have clients had the ability to peek into live jobs. It’s really a game changer.”

Trace has already integrated Shotbox into many clients’ VFX project management systems – and the response has been great. TaskBox is now available to all our clients. If you’d like to hear more about how TaskBox can help streamline your VFX pipeline, you can reach us at