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Read about what's happening at Trace, including interviews with staff and overviews of some of our latest work.

Meet the Tracers.

July 23, 2015

At Trace, we pride ourselves on developing staff and helping them grow. Avinash is perhaps the best example. We gave him an opportunity to advance his career, and immediately made the most of it.

Avinash comes from a very modest upbringing, growing up in a smallhousing development near the office. His childhood was a struggle and a proper education was hard to come by, but we feel he’s found his true calling at Trace.

In February of 2012, Avinash joined our team as a member of the admin staff. His job was simple: man the desk during the new night shift and keep a careful watch on people coming and going.

One day, Trace’s COO Varun Parange asked Avinash to sit down with the artists to try to learn something new. “That’s the only encouragement he needed,” said Varun. “He carried on to become a part our artist pool and has now developed into a Junior Paint Artist, a higher skilled discipline.”

“My favorite memory of working at Trace was when I was assigned my first shot,” said Avinash. “It made me feel like part of the team.”

Avinash’s hard work has done more than advance his career – it’s changed his life for the better.