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Read about what's happening at Trace, including interviews with staff and overviews of some of our latest work.

Meet The Tracers.

September 1, 2015

Our featured Tracer, Neha Pokharkar, joined Trace as a rotoscoping artist in December of 2013. It was the first job she ever had, and her enthusiasm was amazing from the get-go.

A few months into the job, Neha was given the opportunity to learn about Trace’s cleanup services. She took a liking to paint in particular. After learning the ropes and demonstrating her newfound skill-set, Neha was promoted to a job within the paint department.

“Being in the VFX industry is very interesting,” said Neha. “There’s nothing quite like creating something new each and every day. It defines who I am and helps me grow.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Trace’s COO Varun Parange had the following to add:

“Neha joined Trace in December of 2013 fresh out of college. She was dedicated and showed tremendous drive from day one – pursuing her goal of advancing her skill-set. Her career growth and transition into Trace’s paint department is evidence of her hard work. We are proud of her achievements and wish her a long and rewarding career at Trace!”

Neha’s favorite memory of working at Trace was this past year’s Christmas festivities. Outside of work, she loves listening to music, sketching, and watching movies.