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Meet the Tracers.

October 18, 2012

Today marks the first installment of Meet the Tracers, a monthly feature that spotlights members of our Mumbai office. Over the coming months, you’ll get acquainted with a bunch of awesome Tracers. But today, we’re going to kick things off with Prasanta Maiti.

Prasanta grew up in West Bengal, but he made his way to Mumbai a few years back to find a VFX job. We’re glad things worked out the way they did, because Prasanta has done an amazing job at Trace.

Over the past year, Prasanta’s attention to detail, reliable artistry and constant enthusiasm have allowed him to rise quickly through the ranks. Today, he’s part of a leadership team that ensures quality control and manages new talent development. Jon Mason, Managing Director at Trace, summed it up nicely: “No matter what position we throw Prasanta into, we know he’ll always rise to the occasion.”


Shortly after joining Trace, we learned more about Prasanta’s fine arts background and passion for artistry. In fact, he created the beautiful painting you see above and also has some serious photography skills! But his talents go well beyond the art world. So if Prasanta ever asks you to play XBOX, do yourself a favor and walk away. The first time he grabbed ahold of an XBOX controller, he won a tournament held at Trace.

Congratulations to Prasanta, and remember to check back next month to see which Tracer is featured.