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Read about what's happening at Trace, including interviews with staff and overviews of some of our latest work.

Three years of Trace.

August 8, 2014

Back in 2011, our staff of 7 huddled together in a 900 sq. ft. office. Today, we have over 250 employees working in a 7,500 sq. ft. loft – and we’re even expanding further!

This growth was sparked by partnerships formed with incredibly talented shops, like MPC, The Mill and Framestore. This year alone, we’ve worked on dozens of spots for the World Cup and Super Bowl, experiences we won’t soon forget. In total, we’ve been a part of over 800 projects, spanning short films, major motion pictures, and TV commercials (such as DirecTV, which you’ll see below – we did the Roto & Tracking).

“Everything we do is a response to the market’s demand for our services,” said Varun Parange, Trace’s COO. “To meet the demand, we hire the best talent in the industry. Our skilled staff, quality work, and ability to hit to deadlines have been the key drivers of our growth.”

This growth has allowed us to expand our offering and explore new areas of expertise.

• We’ve dived deeper into 2D paint, compiling a team of over 150 roto artists and 40 paint artists.
• We’ve bolstered our tracking and matchmove teams, who now work in 3D Equalizer, the software of choice for black belt tracking.
• Speaking of 3D, we’ve built a complete CG department, which includes modeling, rigging, animation, lighting, texturing and full 3D animatics.
• Our newly created software development team built Shotbox™, a project management tool that’s integrated into our clients’ workflow to simplify project management.
• We’ve built a world-class 4K pipeline to handle the most challenging Roto/Paint/Tracking projects.

“Technically, Trace has one of the best VFX prep pipelines in the world. Built around a 10-Gig network with an Isilon at it’s core, we can handle the projects that others just can’t. Everything from shot loading to final deliverables is automated to ensure that our clients get the files they want, as fast as possible.” says Matthew Herman, Trace’s CTO.


“When we started Trace, everyone thought we were crazy to enter the market with such a small team,” said Jon Mason, Trace’s Managing Director.

“Culture has always been our number one priority – and I think the investments we’ve made into building that solid foundation have helped us grow to where we are today. Our culture makes Trace feel like a family and affects everything we do, from the dedication of our team to the quality of our work.”

As we move into our fourth year, we will continue to grow and help its clients figure out ways to manage their VFX prep workflow. If you’re interested in seeing our reel (or just want to learn more about Trace), please shoot us a mail at