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Trace Film Festival 2016.

September 20, 2016

This year’s film festival showcased the unbelievable talent of our Tracers. All in all, seven short films were entered into the competition.

After much deliberation by a judging panel consisting of Trace’s founders and investors, it came down to two contenders.


…and Zone B…

In the end, Karuk was selected as the winner! A huge congrats to the full team: Aniket Modshing, Siddharth Indis, Mandar Mayekar, Sujitkumar Jadhav, Bhushan Thakur, Anand Daunde, Sachin Ranaware, Utkarsh Indis and Vishal Desale.

We reached out to Karuk’s director, Aniket Modshing, to learn more about the short film.

“We were on cloud nine the moment Karuk was announced as the winner. I cannot express the feelings in words.”

“We completed the shooting of the film in 15 hours. It was extremely tiring and stressful that day. However, after hearing we won the Trace Film Festival, the stress went away and we were able to enjoy the moment.”


As for Aniket’s favorite scene from Karuk…

“The lamp scene in his home. Though the main character made pattas to earn a daily wage, he was actually an artist. He used to make these beautiful statues. Since they never got sold, we wanted to show a pile of statues in the corner of his home.”

“We had no statues at our disposal, so we used VFX techniques to insert them. We were very happy with the outcome.”

But that’s not all. The team behind Karuk entered the film into the Vivek Film Festival and got shortlisted as one of the top 30 films across the country!

This year’s film festival was a huge success, and we can’t wait to see what our Tracers come up with next year.