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Read about what's happening at Trace, including interviews with staff and overviews of some of our latest work.

Trace Film Festival 2017.

August 14, 2017

We’ve always been amazed with the creative and well-executed short films our Tracers have brought to life. Needless to say, previous film festivals have set the bar very high.

Well, this year the bar was raised another notch.

The excitement got started from the get-go with a series of stunning choreographed dances. The choreographers, from 8 Counts Dance Studio, got the crowd amped with beautifully arranged dances.

Scenes from one of the choreographed dances.

From there, we launched into the film festival. This year, we had five incredible short films entered into the competition:

1:00 AM (by Universia)
Vair Vishuddhi (by Team Mastermind)
Space Junk (by 3D Team)
De-Light (by Arvind & Team)
Chillabh – Resembling a Kite (by Life Bana Dunga Films)

The competition was stiff. But when it came time to judging, De-Light was named runner-up.

Members of the De-Light team.

De-Light’s director Arvind Kumar was very proud of his team’s work, along with the reception in the room.

“We mixed horror with comedy to present a different theme. We know the viewers enjoyed it from the way they applauded after the movie had ended. We were even more elated when the result was announced.”

Then, it was time to announce the winner. And the winner of the 2017 Trace Film Festival was…


Aniket Modshing, director of Chillabh, shared with us some background on the short film, as well as his exhilaration about the first-place finish.

“Chillabh is all about the flashback of memories which show the true story of your life. It’s an experimental short film, right from rain scene to the shoot at Sangam Mahuli (Satara). Altogether, it made for a new and enriching experience for us and we were very happy with the outcome. Thanks to all the crew members for giving their time and the child artist for bunking his school.”

Members of the Chillabh team.

Once the festival wrapped up, it was time for our amazing Tracers to have some more fun.

Tracers busting moves on the dance floor.

Trace’s CEO Jon Mason spoke about the importance of this annual gathering.

“Our team of Tracers do such amazing work all year long. This party is a chance to showcase their short-film chops and really cut loose – and boy did they ever cut loose.”


[Credits for the top two films]

Winner: Chillabh

Dhundappa Pattan as Mandar
Shardhha Hinge as Nidhi
Harsh Surve as young Mandar
Siddharth Indis as Potraj
Raviraj Sawant as Biker
Aniket Modshing as Mandar’s room mate
Sachin Ranaware as Balloon Vendor

Aniket Modshing
Siddharth Indis
Utkarsh Indis
Mandar mayekar
Vishal Desale
Dhundappa Pattan
Raviraj Sawant
Vaibhav Kirdat
Jyotiprasad Sindanti
Sujit Jadhav
Sachin Ranaware
Rajesh gholap
Anand daunde
Bhushan Thakur
Parshuram jagli

Music and sound: Rohit Kushro
Direction: Aniket Modshing
Story: Siddharth Indis
Cinematographer: Mandar Mayekar & Raviraj Sawant.


Runner-Up: De-light

Asha Parakkal Apputti
Nikesh Dhuri
Jeet Karanjavkar

Asha Parakkal Apputti
Nikesh Dhuri
Jeet Karanjavkar
Arvind Kumar

Makeup: Asha Parakkal Apputti
Music and sound: Arvind Kumar
VFX and Comp: Jeet Karanjavkar
Cinematography: Arvind Kumar & Jeet Karanjavkar
Concept & Story: Jeet Karanjavkar
Direction: Arvind Kumar & Jeet Karanjavkar