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Trace teams up with Ken Burns.

February 20, 2014

It’s been a busy few months at Trace HQ, as we’ve taken on a range of memorable projects. We’re especially proud of the opportunity to lend our skills to a Ken Burns short film. And we’d love to tell you the story of how it all went down.

Our friends at Redglass Pictures have an ongoing relationship with Ken Burns. So when we got the call to join them on a short film starring Ken, we couldn’t say no. We’re lifelong fans of Ken Burns, after all, and this is the kind of project we’ve always dreamed of.

The purpose of the film, titled Past is Present, was to spread the word about Ken’s iPad app. Launched last week, the app puts short clips from Ken’s documentaries at your fingertips. Sorting the many historical events Ken has covered by shared themes, the app empowers everyone to view landmark events through a new lens.

Working alongside Redglass, we breathed excitement into the app’s launch by combining Ken’s storytelling with visuals that build connections between the past and present. To top it all off, Kid Koala created a track used exclusively in this short film.

Joining forces with Redglass is always an amazing experience, and this was no exception. “Simply put, they’re some of the best storytellers in short-form,” said Jon Mason, Trace’s Managing Director.